Why Do Eyesight Improve or Go Back?

Eyesight is an important part of good health. Poor eyesight can even prevent you from driving and can even cause accidents if it becomes too bad. A lot of people don’t take their eyesight very seriously, but they should. The first step to detecting eye problems is to get regular eye exams and to understand what symptoms and signs to look out for.

Eyesight Issues Include:

* Amblyopia – this is a problem where one eye has a stronger strength than the other. If left untreated amblyopia can cause blurry vision or double vision, leading to poor reading ability and impaired performance at work or school. * Strabismus – a problem where your eye cannot turn in the same direction as your head. In some cases this leads to a condition called cross eyes which causes a cross eyes appearance and makes it hard to follow things.

* Macular Degeneration – a problem where the cells responsible for making the macula, the tiny cap that helps your eyes focus, start getting damaged and so are not able to produce enough of the proteins needed to function properly. This is the most common type of macular degeneration. * Glaucoma – a disease where fluid builds up in the middle of your eyeball, causing blurred vision and often a painful burning feeling in your eye. * Trichitillomania – a condition where you find yourself picking your nails or biting your nails so much that they hurt or become infected.

unusual light sensitivity

The way you care for your eyes and check for signs of these problems, is by taking an annual examination. One of these exams is called the Visual Testing for Refractive Errors orVTRE. This test is done when you have had a look at your prescription and notice any eye pressure, double vision, or unusual light sensitivity. Your eye doctor will order and use a refractive therapy to correct the problem. If you do not correct the refractive errors your vision could be blurred, double or triple.

Some people have both central vision and peripheral vision. In these cases the condition is called double vision. In this case both eyes see fine details but the left or right eye is not focusing on objects correctly. Some of the causes of double vision are due to lack of focusing ability, or damage to the macula, and so the cause is quite different from those with central vision. People with central vision usually only have one problem with their eyes which is called strabismus.

Final Word

There are other causes such as corneal scarring which can occur when you suffer a serious eye injury. This can make it difficult to focus your eyes but does not affect peripheral vision. If you have a refractive error and suffer a central vision loss then you need to visit an optician and get the proper treatment. The good news is that if you do not correct your error immediately it will only get worse. Your eyesight will become blurry until you get treatment, you can also end up with poor eyesight if you neglect your eyesight you can go blind.

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