What Types of Birthstone Jewelry Use Metal Stones?

variety of different gemstones

The Metal Stone Bracelet has just been introduced in 2021 for the trendy, yet simple yet elegant design suitable for all occasions. The bracelet comes in a variety of different gemstones, including pink amethyst stones, pink corundum stones, black onyx stones, black opal stones and black onyx. The metal is hypoallergenic, meaning it’s ideal for sensitive skin. The stones used are crush-proof, meaning they won’t chip or break when dropped.

The stones used in this creation are handcrafted, so you can be assured of quality. This is one bracelet you won’t want to put in storage, as it will definitely get worn out quickly! Made of fourteen karat gold, sterling silver, 14 carat gold, or any combination thereof, it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. Birthstone bracelets made from these stones are absolutely beautiful!

colorful gemstones

As beautiful as the birthstone jewelry made from these types of stones is, they’re not just for birthstones anymore. They make great bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants, and are often used in combination with other stones. You can find them made in cubic zirconia, which means “colorless”, or in diamonds, which mean “dream”. The stones can come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, purple, orange, green, brown, yellow, blue, white, black, cream, wheat, and pink mauve. You may also find birthstone jewelry incorporating colorful gemstones in unique geometric designs.

This birthstone jewelry is usually square in shape, but you’ll also see some that are oval, round, rectangular, and even heart-shaped. If you choose the perfect metal stone for your birth, you’ll want to be sure to pay attention to its quality. The more valuable the metal stone is, the higher the grade of the metal. Some of the more common metals used in making metal bands include: sterling silver, titanium, copper, gold, and silver plated.

Birthstone jewelry using metal

Some birthstones don’t come in the common metals mentioned above. In that case, there are still other beautiful options to choose from. There are several birthstones out there made from a variety of gemstones including citrine, onyx, quartz, jasper, aquamarine, topaz, beryl, amethyst, purple fluorite, and topaz.

Birthstone jewelry using metal is often very beautiful. If you’re looking for something different that you know will stand out when you wear it, consider wearing a birthstone band made from a metal other than what was mentioned above. You may be surprised at all the great choices out there. Whatever type of metal you choose for your birthstone jewelry, you’re sure to love it!

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