Solar Panels and How They Work

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Solar panels actually consist of many, smaller solar cells called photovoltaic modules. Many cells connected together to form a solar panel collectively create a solar panel. Each photovoltaic module is in essence a thin sandwich made from two slices of highly conductive material, most often silicon. These thin layers of material are called “solar cells” and they are wired together to create the solar panel.

As you can imagine, this type of technology is incredibly useful for creating alternative forms of electricity. Solar power is an extremely clean source of energy that does not harm the earth or its surroundings in any way. It also creates very little noise. In fact, solar panels are some of the most silent electricity producing devices in existence.

How solar panels work?

How solar panels work is by sending alternating current through the cells. The light from the sun hits one side of the cell which allows the electrons to flow to create a direct electric current. On the other side of the cell a different type of light hits the cell and causes the electrons to jump to a different orbital. This causes the electrons to travel in only one direction while creating a one way connection that sends the electrical circuit on its way.

How solar panels work is actually quite amazing and it really does make you wonder why we haven’t gotten this type of technology years ago. When sunlight hits a panel, it causes the electrons in the semiconductor layers to jump to a higher orbital. This causes a short circuit in the semiconductor layers which cancels out the positive charge on the backside of the cell. The negative charge on the backside is then sent to another electric pulse that knocks electrons loose and makes them jump to a different orbital creating a new short circuit.

solar energy needs

This process is repeated many times making us think that our solar energy needs are now ready for massive change. With enough cells on a roof to produce all the electricity our homes need, there will not be any need for power plants to ever produce a unit output again. Of course we still need the energy created from burning fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. But for most of our energy needs we can forget about burning those units. The fact that we have solar panels on our roofs means that all of our energy needs can be met by sunlight alone.

This is why you may want to consider a home solar energy system. This is also why many are building their own homes with these types of panels already installed. They save money by eliminating the need for power plants to be built and they help to protect the environment. These panels are so powerful that in some areas they are expected to be able to eliminate all the electricity produced by local utilities. There’s no doubt that a home solar energy system will eventually save your family hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

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