How to Use Bill Validation to Resolve Billing Issues

Energy Bill Validation

Bill validation, when used by a professional energy bill auditor, is a critical process that should be a part of your bill validation process. By ensuring that you understand all aspects of your bills and are able to correctly dispute charges, you will empower yourself to act responsibly with your suppliers and ensure you get the best service from your energy suppliers. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits that Validation and Post-Payment Review can bring to your bill.

Post-Payment Energy Bill Validation, can report to the maximum credit limit specified for your account, each and every bill paid or unpaid. Making sure you are well covered and that you have the highest level of coverage available, gives you the ability to make the right decisions about your energy bills. Tracking bill errors can be done to an agreed upon tolerance level, highlighting any inaccurate charges and taking steps to contact your supplier to settle any disputed amounts. You can also have your monthly energy estimates validated against the accurate value, so you can ensure your bills are calculated accurately each month. If you validate every bill paid and unpaid, you can ensure that you and your suppliers have the lowest level of uncertainty and continue to enjoy the cheapest service available.

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Bill errors made during billing are very common, especially in the current economic climate and more than ever before, consumers are looking to make sure their bills are paid. When you use a professional service to validate every bill and take corrective action, you not only make sure you are covered for every bill, but you also cover yourself against any potential errors your utility company makes. The most common bill errors are incorrect meter readings, inaccurate amounts, non-payment or reconnection errors. When you have the opportunity to raise a dispute, these errors can be raised immediately. Your utility company must prove your numbers are correct to avoid paying penalty fees. Validation of your bills allows you the advantage of being able to quickly solve the problem and not waiting for payment to be verified by the utility company.

One of the largest benefits of using a bill validation service is the cost savings it can provide. It is well known that suppliers often make mistakes on bills; many people do not even notice the small amounts of discrepancy because of the volume of bills they receive each month. By having the opportunity to validate every bill before they are due, you are ensured you are receiving the correct amount and you are not wasting money by paying too much. The cost of this service is small compared with the potential cost to your accounts, and the savings could make the extra cost worthwhile.

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Another benefit of using bill validation is the protection it can offer you as a consumer. Every bill has the potential for an audit by your utility company, as most have a standard set of meters and methods to measure the amount of electricity used and the gas used. Using bill validation ensures you are receiving accurate and up to date information from your supplier so you always know what you are using and how much is going where. If you have noticed an error on your meter, you will know right away. By simply writing down the date and time you saw the mistake and the supplier who provided the information, you can report the mistake and ask them to change it so it does not occur again.

You may also receive notifications from your utility billing management company that help you to dispute inaccurate data on your bills. This service is invaluable as it gives you the opportunity to prove you have received the correct data and you can often have the charges reduced or removed altogether. If the company receives your dispute, they are required by law to investigate your complaint and either remove the incorrect data or verify the accuracy of it. Either way you are more likely to get your charges resolved than to pay the increased amount due to incorrect data.

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