Do I Need an Orthodontist to Treat My Teeth?

orthodontists are dentists

Both orthodontics and dentists are similar in so many ways that it is hard to believe that they actually are different. It is important to note that all orthodontics are dentists, although not all orthodontrists are dentists. In fact, most orthodontics are working in a dental clinic and do most of the same duties that a dentist does, only they have extra schooling for them to qualify to specialize in orthodontics as opposed to just general dentistry. This education is necessary for them to understand what it is that they are doing.

The first difference between the two is how they treat their patients. An orthodontist is a person who is certified in orthodontics and is a licensed practitioner to do this type of treatment. This includes putting braces on the teeth and also correcting any misalignment problems that may exist. These orthodontics specialists can also perform other treatments for crooked teeth, gum disease, jaw disorders and muscle contractures.

straight teeth and mouths

Orthodontics is becoming more popular because it can help correct problems that could be preventing your child from growing straight. One common disorder is called Alopecia, also known as hair loss in children. When a child’s body is not growing properly in the direction it should be growing, the result is that the front portion of their head starts to droop as it tries to cover the defect in front of it. An orthodontist will perform procedures like cutting the scalp that is causing the problem so the patient will have more area in which to grow new hairs in a straight line. Many adults are now performing these treatments because of their desire to have straight teeth and mouths.

It is not recommended that you allow your general dentist to perform orthodontics procedures for you. General dentistry deals with the look of your teeth, gums and bite. They will not be able to determine if there is a true need for orthodontics treatment, because they cannot tell if a child has crooked teeth caused by genetic conditions. If you have a cavity or if you have an underbite, then you should see a general dentist to get an opinion as to how to correct it.

orthodontics specialists

Some orthodontics specialists do in fact specialize in certain types of orthodontics treatments. There are general dentists that specialize in braces. Then there are orthodontic specialists that only do specific treatments that are orthodontically related. Specialists that specialize in orthodontics can treat those with both severe and mild forms of orthodontics conditions. For more information on orthodontics specialists in your area, you can search online.

Whether you need an orthodontic specialist to perform an orthodontics procedure or to perform a specific form of orthodontic treatment, it is highly recommended that you first visit your general dentist before deciding to let another orthodontist perform the treatment on your teeth. In many cases, if an orthodontist recommends an orthodontics procedure, then he/she must be referred by the general dentist. In many cases, the general dentist will recommend orthodontics treatment that is not appropriate for the child.

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